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10x Innovation

Innovation is on fire at its core:
boosting its own productivity ten fold and more

New drugs developed in a fraction of their present development time, new climate change solutions deployed years ahead of schedule, advanced food technology eradicates world hunger, human habitat inventions offer decent housing to a swelling world population -- all the innovation challenges facing humanity are being negotiated in record time -- that is the target state the InnovationSP is driving to: using AI to boost human innovation across the board. 

Comparable advancement in no other field will have a similar impact. Improving innovation productivity will accelerate innovation across the board. It's like the difference between buying a fish and learning how to fish. 

The entity that would be the first to realize that the new field of generic innovation methodologies -- boosting innovation in every field of research -- is the new "way of fishing" and will put its emphasis on it, will be the one to prevail and dominate its eco-environment -- whether on an academic, a commercial or a national basis. 

Unfortunately though, the same innovation acceleration methodologies (IAM) that give us vaccine solutions to defeating global viruses also help us develop yet unimaginable weapons and tools of destruction. When it comes to hostilities IAM is available to both sides, and more so to the side adopting it early.

D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation has been developing the InnovationSP under the radar for many years: Teaching and building. One InnovationSP practitioner has netted more than two dozen US patents within a couple of years. Silent clients keep their record silent. InnovationSP is not a magic pill. It is tools and methodology that bring results the more they are being used. Early adopters have an advantage.

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