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AI Enhanced Generic Innovation Engine (AIE*GIE)

This is an absolutely revolutionized  thought, so give yourself a moment to suck it in:

Common wisdom says that an innovation project is carried out by those who are thoroughly familiar with the subject matter. After all, how can you advance the state of the art, if you don't know exactly where the state of the art is? The revolutionary thought says: innovation productivity will be enhanced by incorporating into the effort generic expertise, tools, means and methodologies that have been proven to be effective across the innovation landscape, regardless of what exactly is being innovated.

That is the power of artificial intelligence: discerning patterns where pattern remained invisible to human eyes. The innovation engine casts the innovation pathway into a step-wise process defined over a standard innovation map.  It guides the innovators to practice rational resource allocation, and it offers them a procedure that measures (i) the innovation load ahead, and (ii) the innovation progress. The emergence of AI capabilities enhances this generic guidance to achieve  unprecedented innovation productivity results.   Users of the generic innovation engine have come from behind to overtake much more advanced competitors, and own the market.

Challenge: tell us about your innovation project, and let us run it by our engine, to give you a taste of what we are talking about here.

One user of AIE*GIE has been logging eight US patents a year, and that without the full thrust of the engine.

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