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Innovation Audit

Competitive Innovation Superiority
In the short run money, tools, talent, competence, organization make the difference. In the long run innovation deficienny will bring you down.
90 minutes introduction   
Prof. Gideon Samid, PhD, Innovation Science Specialist,

Even people who blabber innovation talk all day long fail to realize the premise encapsulated in the title. It is easy to measure financial strength, count hardware, compare software. Talent, competence, organizational skills are all measurable and when you have an edge -- you win. In the short run. To sustain your superiority in the long run you need to come on top in a comparative innovation audit.

There is only one place where you can be put to a professional comprehensive innovation audit: D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation. Founded by Dr. Gideon Samid, a professor of engineering who pioneered the field of Innovation Science, and Creativity Guidance: the means, the tools, the procedures to increase innovation productivity, to measure innovation metabolism, to put together an innovation audit with recommendation how not to lose your present day superiority through innovative deficiency. And for the challenger -- how to neutralaize the prevailing superiority of your bigger competitor through sustained innovation advantage.

Innovation audit?! Every one and his brother will offer you one. Gazillion of fanciful innovation words are poured by consultants on dumbfounded clients. That is not what I am talking about. Innovation Science is an objective framework to assess and rate what we call innovation temperature, and innovation metabolism: to what levels of risk your innovation effort rises, and to what degree is your innovation supporting your current mission and your daily routine.

How much thrust does your innovation generate? Are you making a lot of noise and little music? Yes, the terms 'noise' and 'music' have clear meaning.

I am often asked: how come lack of innovation cannot be compensated by all these important attributes like money, and tools, talents and organization? The answer is easy to state, but as an experienced teacher I can tell you, it takes a long time to appreciate. Innovation leads you to identify something neither you, nor your competitor were aware of before. It may be a new product the market is ready for, a new dominating feature in a product everybody used before. In the security business it may be a new method of attack. Innovation is an attitude that says: there is something out there critical for my business, but unknown, and unsuspected. I need to expend well managed efforts to hunt for it. It is psychologically hard to do. It is convenient to say: if I don't see it, it is not there. Those who bet that reality is static are sliding on a slope, persistently accelerating to their demise. If I manage my resources under the assumption that game-changing innovation risks or ground-shifting innovation opportunities are vague, rare, or distant then I give my competitor the opening they seek. Innovation superiority to spot risks and opportunities early give you the time to generate an advantage your competitor is not prepared for, and loses. Innovation superiority is built through the new impactful field: innovation science.

It is human nature, the party which is financially better positioned, enjoys better tools, is more organized, and better staffed, is the party that believes that reality stays put so that what it has will keep it on top. The big boys generate an oozing innovation froth, and project blindness towards the environmental changes which an ambitious new comer notices.

D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation has officially closed its direct innovation consulting for new clients because we assign our resources to elevate our tools to take advantage of artificial intelligence. Instead, we open a single session, 1.5 hours innovation audit overview, to guide our introductory clients to our literature and lessons so that they become more innovation-minded, and stay competitive in the long run.

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