This site is about making your innovative efforts more productive.  How?  By practicing the Innovation Solution Protocol. 

Innovation Management is different from nominal management, and should be practiced in the middle ground between 'creativity runs wild' and ' inflexible planning'.  This is the Innovation Solution Protocol.

The one constant in Gideon's engineering career was the climate and spirit of innovation. Recruited to a huge governmental undertaking right after graduation, Gideon was fortunate to learn from daring bold visionaries who nonetheless had their two feet well planted on firm ground. Gideon then became a director in the largest oil company in Israel, taking the lead for bringing in future technologies like synthetic lubrication and white oil. Heeding a call for International contributors to NASA, Gideon rubbed elbows with the pioneers of space exploration. Step by step Gideon became intimately involved in the start-to-finish sequence of R&D projects in Exxon, the Pentagon, and even in deep coal mines. And then it dawned on him: innovation generic ideas gradually formed into a full fledged protocol. Heuristics and guided-creativity matured into innovation acceleration methodologies. Years of active feedback, and constant refinement have baked these ideas into a ready-to-serve product.

It was a nice surprise when Professor Gideon was able to use his own tools. Suddenly his overcrowded creative ideas have regimented themselves into impactful innovations. Putting the Innovation Solutions Protocol to work, Gideon Samid has led the innovative drive for BitMint, filed about 50 US and global patent applications, 18 of them granted, and the work goes on.

Innovation is our best bet in facing our array of risks, as well as our best means to exploit opportunities into prosperity. Innovation acceleration is the call of the hour. It's the hope for humanity. Check out the innovation solution protocol.