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InnovationSP Certification


D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation issues InnovationSP certificates to individuals and organizations. The certificate bears witness that its claimant has been introduced to the Innovation Solution Protocol, and is aware of its tenets, and it procedures. As such the holder of the certificate can represent to the various innovation stakeholders that: 

1. The certificate holder is aware of the various stakeholders of the innovation process, and is aware of the proper exposure and sharing to be practiced among the various stakeholders. In particular these stakeholders count: the community of innovators, the underwriters of the innovation enterprise, the beneficiaries of the enterprise, and also those who are otherwise impacted. 

2. The certificate holder is aware of the key procedures of the InnovationSP , namely: (i) techniques to estimate cost-to-complete and time-to-finish, and attach credibility metric to such estimates, (ii) techniques to integrate opinions of all relevant knowledge holders, (iii) setting up the innovation roadway map, and using it as guide for the innovation process, (iv) timely reporting and an active dialogue with all the innovation stakeholders.

In particular the certificate holder is aware of the InnovationSP principle of conducting the innovation process with the aim to increasing the credibility of cost-to-complete and time-to-finish as fast as possible, thereby optimizing the innovation process, and serving well the interests of all the innovation stakeholders.

Certificates come in various flavors:(B) Basic: to private individuals, or members of organizations who attended an InnovationSP seminar either directly through D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation, or through an intermediary organization like the American Chemical Society; (A) Advanced: to individuals or members of an organization who went through a guided practice of the InnovationSP process; (P) Prime: to individuals who passed a qualification test, and to organizations who practice the InnovationSP; (AI) to individuals and members of organizations who attended the Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation (AIAI) workshop.

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