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AI Assisted Human Innovation 

AI insight is revolutionizing human innovation. Iterative innovation algorithms drill into chaos and extract pattern, order, solutions, inventions. AI led guardrails manage resources and focus attention.


R&D objectives are achieved in record time.


Keep up, join the AI Assisted Human Innovation Webinar.

The Instructor: Prof. Gideon Samid, PhD, PE, pioneering the AI Assisted Human Innovation field in his PhD dissertation at the Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology.

Building an Innovation Platrom

An Intoduction (Webinar)


Creativity is narcissistic, it adores itself, and disregards long term objectives; it even dismisses its own past ideas. The more creative we are, the more we need guardrails to ensure that our creativity translates to innovation productivity.


This is what this course is all about. It starts with order, documentation, inter-team communication, team-sponsors communication, and stake-holders wide communication. Then: formalities, security, intellectual property management. It continues into the step most of us dread, and few understand its power: estimating the cost, and projecting the schedule from the present state to successful achievement of the stated R&D goal. We focus on how to come up with credible estimated figures. And most importantly, we learn a surprising principle of innovation: it's goal is to increase the credibility of the estimate of the effort needed to reach the strategic objective of our innovation project. We will learn that this bizarre statement of the operational goal is well substantiated. Beyond that we define the "Innovation Turing Machine" -- loosely inspired by the Turing machine that is the generic version of all common computers. The Innovation Turing machine is an iterative procedural sequence that guides our creativity towards its innovative target states: a sequence of 'abstraction', 'extension' and 'breakdown'. In summary we develop an innovation platform that boosts our innovation efficiency, and harnesses our creativity towards our innovative objectives.

What You Will Learn

1. Innovation Documentation: (i) capturing the stream of creative ideas on a personal basis, and on a team canvas;  (ii) evidentiary documentation for intellectual property accounting; (iii) communication with the sponsors, and stake holders, (iv) reference for future research.

2. Cost and Schedule Estimation:  Advanced methods to estimating the cost to complete and the time to finish the innovation project.  Monte Carlo, BiPSA, Sum-of-Path, Dimensional Similarity Space.

3.  Innovation Load Management:  Quantitative appraisal of innovation pace, progress, efficiency, and outlook, using advanced cost and schedule appraisals.  Load categorization: burden, significance, urgency.

4.  Smart Allocation of Innovation Resources: (i) developing a resource allocation policy (ii) applying re-allocation strategy; (iii) balanced reduction of uncertainty (BAROU); (iv) preparing for budget cuts and for budget influx.

5.  Timely Detection of  “Cost Mines”:  spotting innovative steps that were seriously underestimated. 

6. The Innovation Turing Machine: an iterative procedure handling innovation challenges through a choice of three 'next' options : breaking down the innovation challenge, abstracting the innovation challenge, extending the innovation challenge. Repeating this 'next step' strategy to reach a resolved challenge, then climbing back up to the original challenge.

7.  Abandonment Consideration: Minding the interest the innovation projects serves, and serving it better in a different way.


2023 Webinars

February  15, 21, March 1  3:00pm - 4:30PM Eastern - CLOSED

June 10, 17, 24  3:30pm - 5:00pm Eastern -- CLOSED

August 9, 16, 23   4:30pm - 6:00pm Eastern -- CLOSED

November  7, 14, 21  4:30pm -- 6:00pm Eastern -- CLOSED

2024 Webinars

February  16, 23, March 1  12:00pm - 1:30PM Eastern 

April 4, 11, 18  12:00pm - 1:30pm Eastern 

June  14, 21, 28   12:00pm - 1:30pm Eastern 

September   12, 19, 26  12:00pm -- 1:30 pm Eastern 

Introductory Pricing

Industrial Innovators:  $200.00

Academic Innovators:  $125.00

Individual Innovators:  $75.00

Approved NGO:  FREE

Prices may change without prior notice
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Private Classroom

The instructor, Prof. Gideon, has been consulting innovation in several industries for which he prepared tailored programs:

  • Industrial Chemistry Innovation

  • Nuclear/Radioactive Material Processing

  • Structure-Activity Molecular Correlations (Pharmaceutical)

  • AI inference engines

  • Cyber security

  • Digital Money

Tailored programs are administered in a private setting with all proper NDA.

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