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Improve Your Innovation Productivity with the Innovation Solution Protocol Methodology

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Innovation is powered by Creativity; alas creativity is a narcissist -- self centered, disregarding long term objectives. That is why for the sake of Innovation Productivity we need an Innovation Platform: creativity guardrails.


This insight returned one experienced industrial engineer back to his school, the Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology, to write his pioneering PhD dissertation on constructing a generic innovation platform aimed to boost innovation productivity across the board. It became the foundation of a unique business: helping innovators, accelerating the innovation process. Applying the platform to himself, Prof. Gideon Samid has been awarded 40 US patents. The fruits of the platform are shown everywhere it has been installed.

Much as he took his break from industry, so many years ago, to boost his practice with academic assets (back to school, PhD), so today, Professor Gideon is limiting his practice to low-level consulting and training, while focusing on upgrading the InnovationSP innovation platform with the newfound power of artificial intelligence. AI//:InnovationSP version 1.01 is planned for early 2025.

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