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Biological Solutions for Humanity: Bio Energy, Bio Computers, Bio Assembly and Bio Alternatives

Biological entities are material entities imbued with self preserving organization. This ability to move and re-organize to 'stay alive' can be channelled and amassed to serve the purpose of the super biological entity: humans. Instead of enslaving fellow human beings, as so tragically happened, the future enables humans to enslave micro organisms to generate useful energy, to offer a new "bit free" language for cyber space, and to construct massive material assemblies through the power exercised in a large crowd comprised of self preserving micro biological entities.

Biological entities proliferate naturally, and become a growing repository of chemical energy, which can readily be converted to kinetic energy. The crude oil that powers our society today originates with biological entities. It's time to do the same -- less crudely.

The geometry of the molecular structure of a biological entity captures information with space efficiency greater than the most compact integrated circuitry today. Once we establish the geometric language to pass around that information and process it -- computers will be a completely new "beast," with untold advantages.

The "wisdom of crowds" manifest by a communicating network of micro organism is experienced by each of daily as our skin heals from a random cut or wound -- a well coordinated cellular activity makes us whole again. It will take advanced engineering to unleash crowds of micro organisms to dark and remote places to do a job that is not pre-defined by their activators, but self learned and self organized by the unleashed crowd.

Biological alternatives is such a far reaching concept that its premise should be reserved for another post. Hint: if water can be poured from one glass to another, can the self be similarly transported?

If America wants to maintain its primary status in the world it must recognize that engineering biology powered by bold daring imagination is where the future lies. We have been asked by non-US entities to apply our Innovation Solution Protocol to this vision. Where are America's visionaries?

D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation has the technology and the tools to guide innovators to a most effective innovation pathway -- an innovative treatment of the very process of innovation. Proven and Specific. (check out our "classroom" page).


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