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Human Innovation versus Covid Penetration

Humanity has been challenged by a virulent virus killing over one million human beings. This challenge calls for an aggressive application of the Innovation Solution Protocol. But politics is in the way. Countries fence off their R&D, teams compete rather than cooperate, but nonetheless the innovation load is well handled. Cost is secondary to schedule. The Schedule probability curve is evolving to show a hefty pace of progress.

Regrettably though independent innovation appraisers like D&G Sciences -- Innovation Productivity Corporation, so well suited to offer an arm's length schedule appraisal, are not fully employed.

I hope and implore all the people involved in the Covid campaign to properly document the steps taken, the strategies reasoned, the mistakes made. Companies like D&G Sciences need this full record to prepare the tools to meet the next pandemic.

Once a vaccine or a treatment drug is declared safe and effective, then the Innovation Solution Protocol will have to be applied to the speedy manufacture of quantities sufficient to heal humanity as a whole.

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